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Primary Focus and Think Science

Primary Focus and Think Science

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The highlight of the series is to help pupils to know what to focus on and enhance their thinking process. When they are posed with a question, pupils are expected to find the focus point of the question. Once the focus point is captured, thought must arise that narrow down to the possible answer or what the question requires of the pupils.

For each question, there is a box that highlights the main point of the question. By going through process, pupils will be directed towards answering the questions correctly.

The box begins with the Focus of the question. The pupils is led to discover what the question wants the pupil to focus upon. The pupil can base it on the key words in the questions and/or the diagram/picture. Using this process, the pupil will eliminate the distractors in the question and align himself/herself to the question.

The second pointer is Think. Based in the Focus of the question, there are some guiding questions that help the pupil to think and narrow down the available options. This helps to direct the pupil’s thought process towards the correct answer.

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