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Scholastic In Action Series

Scholastic In Action Series

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Scholastic In Action boosts learners’ language skills with engaging and humous graphics. This unique and light-hearted approach makes the learning of what can be tricky topics fun and effective for leaners of all levels. 

Grammar in Action is a three-book series, with each book presenting about 60 grammar topics clearly explained with a definition, example sentences and humorous, contextual cartoon in plain, everyday English. This unique approach promotes reading and deepens understanding, making the learning of what can be a difficult and sometimes dry subject fun and effective for learners of all levels.

Spoken Idioms in Action, a series of three books dealing with phrases commonly heard in conversation in English, is intended for intermediate learners. They are very useful to learners who want to speak English naturally and fluently like native speakers. Each phrase is explained clearly, followed by example sentences showing how it is used. It is then presented in an everyday or humorous situation illustrated by a set of colourful cartoons with captions or dialogue.

  • Grammar In Action - 3 books
  • Idioms In Action - 14 books
  • Phares In Action - 15 books
  • Words In Action - 13 book

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