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Dreamland Kid's 4th Activity Book for Age 6+

Dreamland Kid's 4th Activity Book for Age 6+

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By Dreamland

This 4th Activity Book includes 5 books (English, Maths, Environment, General Knowledge and Logical Reasoning) and is indeed a treasure house of fun-filled moments. Every page of this book is full of entertaining assignments for children. Children will find the book interesting by involving themselves in solving mazes, adding color to the drawings, matching the pairs, etc., and will have fun with dots and puzzles. At times, they may have to complete half-finished sketches or spot differences between pictures that almost look alike, thereby giving them a chance to think cohesively.

An attempt has been made not only to entertain but also stimulate the child's thinking, reasoning and creativity. This book aims at providing children with a way to relax after a strenuous day of vigorous outdoor activity. 

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