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Cambridge Primary Mathematics (Second Edition)

Cambridge Primary Mathematics (Second Edition)

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Each level includes a Learner's Book, Workbook, Teacher's Resources, and an answer key. Please click below to access a preview of the sample eBook, exclusively available in digital PDF format.


Cambridge Primary Mathematics helps your learners develop their mathematical thinking skills. Learners will be fully supported with work examples and plenty of practice exercises, while projects throughout the book provide opportunities for deeper investigation of mathematical ideas and concepts, such as exploring negative numbers through water levels. With keyword boxes, clear diagrams, and supporting illustrations, the course makes maths accessible for second language learners. Packed with activities, including measuring, drawing, and using 100 squares, these workbooks help your students practice what they have learned. Specific exercises develop thinking and working mathematical techniques. Focus, Practice, and Challenge exercises provide clear progression through each topic, helping learners see what they've achieved. Ideal for use in the classroom or for homework.


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