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Diagnostic Practice In Maths for Primary Levels

Diagnostic Practice In Maths for Primary Levels

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Diagnostic Practice in Maths is a well-established means of evaluating pupils' understanding and application of mathematical concepts through the following: Pre-Test, main exercise and Post-Test. First, the pupil is expected to complete the Pre-Test so that any weakness in a particular topic can be ascertained. The main exercise will then provide the pupil with thorough practice that helps to solidify his/her foundation. The pupil who has completed the main exercise should be able to see a marked improvement when attempting the Post-Test. The pupil can record and track his/her performance on the score sheet provided and this allows them to revise systematically.

  • Pre-tests to ascertain weak areas and post-tests to reinforce on mathematical concepts
  • Score sheet to track the progress in learning
  • Answers with full worked solutions
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