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Grammar Handbook for Primary Levels

Grammar Handbook for Primary Levels

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This book covers the essential grammar items for Primary Three and Four, meeting the requirements of the latest English Language syllabus from the Ministry of Education (Singapore). Each grammar item is introduced through a teaching page with lively pictures and examples. The full-color illustrations also feature familiar and interesting surroundings, creating meaningful contexts for learning and understanding grammar. Definitions and rules are carefully explained using simple language, allowing pupils to learn independently. With additional teaching boxes, the handbook is also designed to help pupils to overcome the difficulties associated with specific grammar points, making it the perfect grammar reference guide for revision and reinforcement.

  • Modular organization that allows learners to read up on any grammar topic or item that they need help in
  • Grammar items presented in meaningful contexts to aid the learning and understanding of grammar
  • Lively pictures with questions that elicit responses from learners and provide opportunities for speaking and writing
  • Clear and concise explanations with examples and practices to allow learners to learn independently and effectively

Also available with workbooks: Primary 1,2,3,4,5,6,

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