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Learning+ Powerful Maths Methods To Solve Challenging

Learning+ Powerful Maths Methods To Solve Challenging

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Learning+ | Powerful Maths Methods to Solve Challenging Problem Sums is a series of three primary level books designed to help students achieve mastery in mathematics. This series is developed to harness students’ cognitive and metacognitive skills through the teaching of different mathematical techniques to problem solving.
Extensive Range of Questions
The questions in this book consist of a wide range of commonly tested questions which are interesting and at the same time relevant to the students.
Systematic Approach

  • Each topic begins with an example to facilitate students’ learning and allow them to grasp the technique before solving similar questions independently. 

  • The questions in each topic are arranged in order of increasing difficulty and this helps students to progress with confidence from simple to more challenging questions. This gradual approach to learn the different techniques in this book will help the students to learn how they can use the different techniques easily and effectively when they encounter similar questions in their examinations.

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