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Science Olympiad Guide And Practice Book for Primary Levels

Science Olympiad Guide And Practice Book for Primary Levels

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The aim of this book is to engage students and instil a passion in them when they learn science. It is important to enjoy learning science with a ‘kick’ in a challenging manner to nurture miniscientists!

Some questions in this book are in line with the syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, such as questions that involve critical thinking and picking out hidden hints. These result in students being challenged. Extra information might be given in questions where students are required to read between the lines and pick out exactly what the question is asking for. At times, these ‘extra, unnecessary information’ may be in the style of a comprehension passage that involves interesting science facts. The question(s) asked will be linked to the syllabus and students are required to look for hidden hints to answer them.

Other questions that are in line with the MOE syllabus are inference-based. This means that from a diagram, graph or table, students should be able to infer a trend, such as cause and effect. Students will also need to predict what would happen if one of these factors changes. Other questions are out of the syllabus but students can infer the answer from information given by using their problem-solving skills. Additional information or clues will be given and students can use this information to answer questions.

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