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Score In Chinese 华文每课练习 for Primary Levels

Score In Chinese 华文每课练习 for Primary Levels

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《小学华文每课练习》根据《欢乐伙伴》课本编写,紧密结合课 文的生字新词,每课设计一个练习。每课练习前先复习课文识读 词语,习写课文识写词语,并熟悉其常用的词语搭配,以加深对 学习内容的理解与掌握。出题方式配合校方规定题型,项目多元化,内容充实,对巩固课堂所学和准备考试非常有帮助。

With its variety of questions, this series is an immensely helpful tool to enhance classroom learning and prepare for examinations.

  • Must-know word list and writing practices
  • 1 practice per lesson unit
  • Perforated pages
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