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Vocabulary Workbook for Primary Levels

Vocabulary Workbook for Primary Levels

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Vocabulary Workbook is a compact assortment of vocabulary words that have been carefully chosen to reflect the themes found in the mainstream primary English textbooks used in Singapore today.

Each unit begins with an important wordlist of specific vocabulary items associated with the topic or theme being studied. Definitions and various examples of usage are given. Where relevant, figurative expressions are also highlighted, making the study of vocabulary more engaging and alive. Following this, are exercises which formats adhere closely to those found in English Language examinations. In many of these exercises, the words tested are again special words usually found in the learning of a certain topic. Some of these words are picked from the wordlist at the beginning of the unit. It is hoped that through repeated use, the student will be able to grasp and retain a word more effectively. In addition to these, students are also provided with exercises that focus on their ability to pick words with accuracy. This will help them become more discerning writers.

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