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Happy Science Textbook 1 to 5

Happy Science Textbook 1 to 5

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The Happy Science series is developed to comprehensively cover key science concepts for pupils in elementary grades. Each book adopts an inquiry-based learning approach and uses thought-provoking questions to stimulate pupils’ curiosity about the world around them.

Pupils will learn about essential science topics such as Plants, Animals, Environment and Our Body, through colourful and easy-to-read explanations. The book also includes a variety of fun hands-on experiments and activities to help pupils grasp important concepts while they enjoy the process of learning and exploring.

Each chapter consists of exercises that help pupils to assess their learning and build process skills. It also challenges them to think critically, reason logically and become effective problem solvers. At the end of every chapter, pupils undergo an engaging reflection process, where they can evaluate their progress and understanding of topics through a fun colouring activity.


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