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K2 On The Way To P1 Chinese

K2 On The Way To P1 Chinese

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本书根据新加坡教育部学前教育主编订的《《学前华文教学指导原则》》编写而成,适合即将升上小学一年纪的幼稚园二年级学童使用。本书的内容分成三大主题: 启蒙,接触以及冲刺。每个主题有四个单元,通过彩色图画和生活化与互动性强的内容,激发学童学习华文的兴趣,同时培养学童掌握华文 “听,说,读,写”的能力。

This series is specially crafted to prepare preschoolers for academic life in Primary 1. It serves as a bridge to facilitate the crossover from kindergarten to Primary 1 through easy-to-understand teaching points and easy-to-do workbook activities. This series is highly recommended for preschoolers who are keen to learn and have fun too! 

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