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Learning+ English Comprehension Skills for Primary Levels

Learning+ English Comprehension Skills for Primary Levels

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LEARNING+ ENGLISH COMPREHENSION SKILLS BOOK series is written to help students develop important comprehension skills that will lay the foundation for a better understanding of comprehension passages and the ability to answer literal and inferential questions. To help students master reading comprehension skills through essential strategies.

• Uses 7 essential comprehension strategies to provide scaffolding to enable students to master reading comprehension;
• Purposeful learning through systematic building up of skills: 1. Sequencing events; 2. Finding the main idea; 3. Using contextual clue; 4. Drawing conclusions; 5. Predicting outcomes; 6. Making inferences; 7. Identifying facts and opinions;
• Adopts the spiral learning method so a student learns more about each strategy as he/she progresses through the levels, expanding in knowledge and improving application.



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