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Learning+ English Write On Track! for Primary Levels

Learning+ English Write On Track! for Primary Levels

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The writing ability of students varies greatly from one individual to another. This ability is dependent on a student’s exposure to the English Language and habit of reading. Writing skills can be cultivated. As a student progresses through school, composition writing will play a major role in the English Language examination (often a weightage of close to 30% of the total marks). As such, students need to cultivate their writing skills from a young age to get a head start. Opportunities for writing compositions in school are often limited due to time constraints. Since practice makes perfect, it benefits students to write compositions on their own at least once a week. Whether a student is facing difficulties in writing compositions or is already a prolific young writer seeking to up his/her writing skills a notch, LEARNING+ English Write on Track!

This series is designed to…
• Strengthen writing fundamentals with purposeful learning and systematic writing structure from Book 1 through to Book 6;
• Useful techniques to implement in composition writing to capture the readers’ attention;
• Provides a starting point to generate ideas for writing through examples of how story plots can proceed and end.

This book includes: 
Purposeful Composition Exercises: Stop, Think and Plan

There are 30 composition exercises. Each lesson starts with reading. The title of the model composition gives students an idea of what the story is about. Prompts provided here help students to think about what they want to add in their composition or how to link the information.
Progressive Writing Skills
Writing exercises begin with studying four pictures with prompts. These sequential prompts would require students to be detailed and coherent in their writing. The exercises have been divided into two levels, Standard and Advanced.
Teacher’s Guide
The Teacher’s Guide provides practical support to teachers and parents in engaging students to understand the development of ideas in the model compositions.

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