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Maths Olympiad Book 1 to 6

Maths Olympiad Book 1 to 6

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This series of Maths Olympiad (books 1 to 6) prepares students for various Olympiads and competitive exams held throughout the year. The series is aligned to the latest syllabus of International Maths Olympiad and is also mapped to the primary school curriculum modules prescribed by various international, central and state boards. Structured and section-wise break up of questions have been provided in each chapter to hone different facets of mathematical skill development through Logical Reasoning, Mathematical Reasoning, Everyday Maths and Achiever’s Section.

Key features:

  • MCQ (multiple choice) format to facilitate easy learning
  • Attractive four colour illustrations establish the questions and give students sufficient clarity
  • Includes a corresponding answer key mapped with all multiple choice questions  Enhances numeracy skills, thinking and problem solving skills 
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