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Maths Olympiad Unleash The Maths Olympian In You!

Maths Olympiad Unleash The Maths Olympian In You!

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MATHS OLYMPIAD is a series of books specially designed for students preparing for various Mathematics competitions, as well as students who are interested in sharpening their skills in solving non-routine mathematical problems.

Grade Level / Age Group: Primary 1 to 6 (7 to 12 years old).

Learning Objectives:

• To provide in-depth knowledge and analyses on quintessential topics and concepts that reside in the realm of Mathematical Olympiad (MO);

• To expose (new) readers and practitioners to a myriad of MO-type problems as well as level up the intensity of critical thinking that is required for this specified field of research/study;

• To function as a visceral ‘brain gym’ to cater to increasingly intelligent students who are already well-versed in a wide gamut of themes pertaining but not limited to leisure and recreational mathematics.

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