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Pattern Explorer

Pattern Explorer

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Mathematics and science can be thought of as a search for patterns and structure. This 96-page book provides rich and diverse collections of pattern problems for students to explore, investigate, discover, and create. The five different types of pattern problems found in this book are:
    • Pattern Predictor
    • Equality Explorer
    • Sequence Sleuth
    • Number Ninja
    • Function Finder

There are optional hints and detailed solutions. From a developmental perspective, the ability to recognize a pattern signals the transition from concrete to abstract thinking. So having students explore pattern problems helps sensitize them to the discovery process that provides a foundation for authentic learning and abstraction. These activities are independent and self-contained, but tend to build on one another and get gradually more sophisticated. This collection deliberately avoids use of variables, but involves reasoning that lays a genuine foundation for algebraic thinking and technique. Calculators are never needed, and their use is discouraged.

  • Pattern Explorer Beginning - Grade 3 to 4
  • Patter Explorer Level 1 - Grade 5 to 7
  • Patter Explorer Level 2 - Grade 7 to 9

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