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Preparing For Primary Maths Olympiad Competition (Trainers From Maths Hub)

Preparing For Primary Maths Olympiad Competition (Trainers From Maths Hub)

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Preparing for Primary Maths Olympiad is written to introduce Mathematical Olympiad to young Mathematics enthusiasts and engage their interest at an early age.

The ability to recognise patterns, make deductions through logical reasoning and have good number sense are some of the essential skills required for the Mathematical Olympiad competitions. Preparing for Primary Maths Olympiad is designed for primary school pupils and contains topics that help pupils develop the competency in tackling challenging and non-routine problems.

Each of the first 18 chapters begin with an Overview, followed by detailed Worked Examples and tips to facilitate guided learning. The Let's Practise section provides a wide variety of non-routine problems to allow pupils to hone their problem-solving skills.

5 sets each of P5 and P6 Mathematical Olympiad Practice Papers,  each paper consisting of 30 questions that cover a wide range of topics and question styles that are typically set during Mathematical Olympiad competitions.

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