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Super IQ Maths for Primary Levels

Super IQ Maths for Primary Levels

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Super IQ Maths Level 1to 6 is for 4-12 years old and this series use a topical approach to break down the problem-solving process. Using only pictures, it shows learners the systematic process of observing and analyzing seemingly complex problems, starting with the possible aspects of each problem. After good observations have been made, detailed analysis can be conducted, before making any inference with logical reasoning.

Book 1 is for Preschool 4 to 5 years 

Book 2 is for Preschool 5 to 6 years 

Book 3 is for Primary 7 to 8 years 

Book 4 is for Primary 8 to 9 years 

Book 5 is for Primary 10 to 11 years 

Book 6 is for Primary 11 to 12 years

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