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ThinkingMath PSLE Revision Papers

ThinkingMath PSLE Revision Papers

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This +hinkingMath™ PSLE Revision Papers aims to prepare students sitting for the PSLE. There are ten practice papers to simulate the actual PSLE Paper 2 and each paper comes complete with a score sheet. The problem sums are carefully crafted and developed to ensure that the questions are relevant and challenging. The structure and mixture of problem sums in each paper are planned meticulously in consideration of the topic, level of difficulty and variety of question types.

Based on the onSponge™ content development system, the questions are generally pegged at a higher level of difficulty for students aiming for the A* at the PSLE. At the start of each revision paper, a sample question illustrates the relevance and application of one of the +hinkingMath™ strategies. This works as a form of revision for students who have been users of the onSponge +hinkingMath™ series of workbooks. For new users of +hinkingMath™, this sample question will help to enhance the student’s problem sums solving skills.

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